Harvard, Tata Companies Announce $8.4 Million Research Partnership

Harvard University has announced a six-year, $8.4 million research partnership with a group of Tata companies that includes Tata Sons, Tata Communications, Tata Steel, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Under an agreement coordinated by Harvard's Office of Technology Development, the partnership will support cutting-edge research and provide professional development programs to visiting business leaders through the Tata Fellowship Program at Harvard Business School. For each project funded under the arrangement, a veteran Tata employee will have the opportunity to spend up to a year in residency in the HBS Executive Education Program.

The initial focus of the effort will be on robotics, wearable technologies, and the "Internet of things," with an eye to leveraging recent developments in the field of advanced materials. A joint steering committee will guide the research and approve funding for  proposed projects.

"This initiative will harness the power of research that crosses traditional academic boundaries, leading to more rapid discovery and the development of new products and services that address real-world problems," said Harvard provost Alan M. Garber. "With its strengths in both science and business, Harvard is well positioned to succeed with this creative and integrated program."

"Harvard Establishes Research Alliance With Tata Companies." Harvard University Press Release 08/29/2016.