Heinz Endowments Announce Board Transition

The Pittsburgh-based Heinz Endowments has announced a board succession plan that will solidify its leadership for the next dozen years.

Teresa Heinz, who has chaired the foundation since the death of her first husband, Sen. H. John Heinz III, in 1991, will step aside as board chair in October and will be succeeded in that role by her son, André Heinz. According to the new plan, which was approved by the board last week, Mrs. Heinz will continue to serve on the board and its executive committee, while André Heinz will be succeeded by his brother Christopher in 2020, who in turn will be succeeded by their brother John in 2024.

Teresa Heinz became chair of the Howard Heinz Endowment in April 1991 and, later that year, became a trustee of the Vira I. Heinz Endowment — an appointment that jump-started the process to merge the two endowments, which became official in 2007. Since 1991, the combined endowments have awarded grants totaling nearly $1.5 billion to address critical community issues in southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

"This succession strategy is yet another example of her thoughtful devotion to this organization. It represents good governance at its best, establishing a planned process to broaden leadership to include her sons, who are all deeply engaged in the work of the endowments," said Heinz Endowments president Grant Oliphant. "We are indeed fortunate that Teresa's sons share her courage, vision, and passionate determination to continue to help make our community a better place for all."