Hewlett Foundation Releases 2013 Grantee Perception Report

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park, California, has released the results of its latest Grantee Perception Report (78 pages, PDF), which was prepared for the foundation by the Center for Effective Philanthropy.

In the fifth Grantee Perception Report conducted for Hewlett since 2004, the foundation received high marks for its understanding of its grantees' fields (90th percentile) and, compared with foundations of a similar size, for its efforts to advance the quality and sharing of knowledge in those fields (87th percentile). In addition, the foundation's efforts to make reporting requirements simpler in response to the results of its 2011 report seem to have paid off, with grantees saying they spent less time completing requirements of their grants in 2013 than previously. Grantees also noted that the foundation has improved the consistency of its communications and in terms of the fairness with which they had been treated during the grantmaking process.

At the same time, the report pointed to a number of areas where they foundation could improve, including its impact on grantees' fields of work, the clarity of its communication with respect to grantees’ goals and strategy, and the helpfulness of its selection process in strengthening grantees and their programs.

"We learned a great deal from this year's Grantee Perception Report, and we are already taking steps to respond," said Hewlett Foundation president Larry Kramer. "For one thing, this report only reinforces our ongoing commitment to transparency about our strategies and our grants. In fact, we are already working to ensure that information about our work is readily available and easier to get."