HHMI Announces 2018 Hanna Gray Fellows

HHMI Announces 2018 Hanna Gray Fellows

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has announced the selection of fifteen early-career scientists as 2018 Hanna H. Gray Fellows. Through the program, participants will continue their training as postdoctoral fellows at twelve institutions in the United States.

Now in its second year, the program provides up to $1.4 million over eight years, as well as access to mentoring from and active involvement in the HHMI community. Through the two-phase program, fellows — whose research interests span a range of disciplines, including cutting-edge microscopy, biomaterials, parasites and host behavior, and the nerve circuitry underlying the sense of touch — are supported from their early postdoctoral training through several years on a tenure track.

Aimed at fostering more diversity in science, the program seeks to encourage talented early-career scientists with the potential to become leaders in academic research. In particular, the program recruits emerging scientists from groups that are underrepresented in the life sciences, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to become leaders in their fields.

"This program will help us retain the most diverse talent in science," said HHMI president Erin O'Shea. "We feel it's critically important in academia to have exceptional people from all walks of life, all cultures, and all backgrounds -- people who can inspire the next generation of scientists."

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