HHMI Awards $24 Million for Science Education Initiative

HHMI Awards $24 Million for Science Education Initiative

Howard Hughes Medical Institute has announced the selection of twenty-four colleges and universities for the first round of a new initiative aimed at encouraging students to participate and engage in the sciences.

Through the Inclusive Excellence initiative, HHMI will award $1 million to each of twenty-four institutions to boost their capacity to engage all students in the study of science, especially undergraduates who enter four-year institutions through non-traditional paths. Among other things, the program challenges schools to identify the reasons students are excluded from science and find new ways to include students in opportunities to achieve science excellence, with a focus on underrepresented ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, and working adults with families.

Representing a diverse assortment of four-year colleges and universities nationwide, the twenty-four schools have proposed a range of plans for engaging more students in science, including the development of culturally aware curriculum and faculty training, using technology to help students manage family and cultural obligations, empowering students to serve as role models in the classroom, and creating programs to engage large numbers of undergraduates in course-based research experiences.

"We're thinking differently about how HHMI can help move science education forward," said HHMI president Erin O'Shea. "The challenges this program addresses are important for all of us who care deeply about developing a more inclusive and diverse scientific community."

For a complete list of the institutions receiving grants, see the HHMI website.