Hilton Foundation Adopts New Strategy for Catholic Sisters Initiative

Hilton Foundation Adopts New Strategy for Catholic Sisters Initiative

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has announced that its board has approved a new five-year strategy for the Catholic Sisters Strategic Initiative.

The first phase of the initiative (2013-18) — in which the foundation invested $105 million — was focused on building the internal capacity of Catholic sisters' congregations to improve membership, leadership, and resource outcomes. The vision for the next phase is for Catholic sisters to become global leaders in the provision of sustainable human development services while remaining grounded in the vitality of their spiritual witness.

To that end, the strategy will focus on four overlapping portfolios — increasing financial and human resources capacity for sisters' education; expanding human development services to disadvantaged and vulnerable youth between the ages of 15 and 25 and their families in the areas of education, food security, health care, human trafficking, and youth entrepreneurship; deepening and disseminating knowledge to improve the practices of congregations and leadership conferences, expand and improve the quality of human development services, and increase collaborative partnerships; and fostering innovation that creates solutions that ensure the sustainability of sisters' organizations and their human development services.

"This new phase will not only build upon key learnings and accomplishments from the first phase but will also be mindful of the changing landscape for Catholic faith," said Sr. Jane Wakahiu, director of the Catholic Sisters program. "The foundation recognizes Catholic sisters are well-positioned to be vital actors and front-line workers to make significant, positive change for people and our planet."

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