House Republicans Revisit Efforts to Cut Funding for NPR, National Service Programs

The House Appropriations Committee has issued draft legislation that would cut funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service to $280 million in the next fiscal year, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports. The agency, which operates AmeriCorps and other national service programs, including the Social Innovation Fund, is operating with a budget of $1.08 billion this year.

During budget negotiations last year, House Republicans tried to eliminate all funding for the agency, but in the end Congress only cut its budget by some $74 million. A similar battle could play out this year, with the draft legislation, which goes to a subcommittee for approval, also calling for the elimination of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting starting in 2014.

In the upper chamber, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved legislation that would boost funding for CNCS to $1.09 billion and allocate some $445 million to CPB, the same amount Congress agreed last year to allocate to the private nonprofit corporation in 2013.

"National Service, NPR Face New Challenges From House Republicans." Chronicle of Philanthropy 09/30/2011.