Independence Blue Cross Foundation Awarded $4.6 Million in 2012

The Independence Blue Cross Foundation in Philadelphia has announced that it awarded eighty-eight grants totaling more than $4.6 million in 2012.

Established in 2011, the foundation awarded grants to organizations focused on caring for the region's most vulnerable through its Blue Safety Net program; working to enhance healthcare delivery through its Nurses for Tomorrow program; and working to improve the health and wellness of residents of the greater Philadelphia region through its Building Healthy Communities initiative. In addition, the foundation launched a three-year, $2 million Healthy Futures program in 2012 in support of efforts to address obesity and improve childhood wellness in the region.

"One year after it was founded, the IBC Foundation has made a profound impact in transforming health care through innovative programming in the communities we serve," said IBC Foundation president Lorina Marshall-Blake. "We've funded health clinics that provide quality, accessible health care to more than a hundred and fifty-six thousand people in underserved communities. We've helped four hundred and thirty undergraduate and graduate students enroll in qualified nursing programs to pursue their degrees in nursing, primary care, or geriatric care. We've also supported a number of organizations dedicated to building healthy communities. We look forward to the coming year and to continuing to work with these and others in our community committed to helping people live healthier, happier lives."

For a complete list of 2012 grant recipients, visit the Independence Blue Cross Foundation Web site.

"IBC Foundation Awards $4.6 Million in Grants." Independence Blue Cross Foundation Press Release 01/15/2013.