Independent Sector Launches Upswell Initiative

Independent Sector Launches Upswell Initiative

Independent Sector has announced the launch of a new annual convening initiative.

Called Upswell, the year-long process will replace IS's traditional annual conference and is designed to provide changemakers — individuals who are committed to advancing the common good, wherever they happen to live and work — with the opportunity to participate in community-based events focused on learning, networking, and prototyping solutions to social and environmental challenges, culminating in a major annual event. The first of those will take place next year, November 14-16, in Los Angeles.

Before convening its members in Los Angeles, IS will work with local leaders and trained community organizers to identify challenges that are locally grounded and nationally relevant. According to IS, the lessons learned and shared at the Los Angeles event will inform a similar engagement process for Upswell 2019, in Chicago.

"At the most basic human level, people are successful in creating positive social change through relationship and service to one another," said IS president and CEO Daniel J. Cardinali. "We are looking at how we can get back to these fundamentals to ensure we are deeply understanding of the communities we visit on an annual basis and take those learnings to the national level for all changemakers."

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