Indiana University Foundation Receives $6.6 Million From Lilly Endowment

The Indiana University Foundation has announced a $6.6 million grant from the Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment in support of the Indiana University Public Policy Institute.

Housed within the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, PPI was created in 2008 as an umbrella organization over the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment (CUPE) and the Center for Criminal Justice Research. The grant will enable PPI to launch a fundraising campaign to sustain the research and analysis conducted by the two centers.

Since 1992, the Lilly Endowment has been an integral supporter of the centers. CUPE's research has included government and community policy issues, while CCJR was formed to focus on criminal justice and public safety.

"[The] Lilly Endowment is pleased to support the efforts of PPI and its centers to provide solid research and analysis on important issues facing Indiana policy makers," said the endowment's president, N. Clay Robbins. "Such information is critical to the deliberations of private- and public-sector leaders as they strive to improve the quality of life in Indiana communities."

"Lilly Endowment Awards $6.6 Million to Support IU Public Policy Institute." Indiana University Foundation Press Release 01/19/2012.