Information Storage Industry Center at UC San Diego Receives $1.5 Million From Sloan Foundation

The University of California, San Diego has received a $1.5 million grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support the school's Information Storage Industry Center and its efforts to study the economic, managerial, and competitive dynamics of all segments of the information storage industry.

Previous work at ISIC has focused on globalization and how it contributed to the dominance of U.S. firms in the hard disk drive industry, the geographic evolution of the industry, the strategic behavior of multinational corporations, and the creation and endurance of industrial clusters. With the grant, ISIC will continue its work as one of nineteen Sloan Industry Centers at fifteen universities that research and study a wide range of industries across the American economy. The program stems from the foundation's conviction that the study of industrial competitiveness in an academic setting provides practical value for industry and policymakers.

"Information storage is a key enabling technology for businesses worldwide, as well as one of today's most exciting and volatile industries," said Roger Bohn, director of ISIC. "Thanks to the Sloan Foundation, we are now able to continue to look closely at the business side of the industry, including issues related to product development, manufacturing and organizational economics, competitive dynamics, and storage system reliability and data integrity."

"Information Storage Industry Center Receives $1.5 Million Grant From Alfred P. Sloan Foundation" University of California, San Diego Press Release 09/10/2002.