International Giving Increases

According to findings reported in International Grantmaking II: An Update on U.S. Foundation Trends, international giving by U.S. foundations soared to an estimated $1.6 billion in 1998, an increase of $639 million since 1994.

Conducted by the Foundation Center with the support and cooperation of the Council on Foundations, the report also showed that the number of U.S. foundations awarding international grants over that period increased by 20 percent.

Released in December, the report documents trends in international funding patterns through 1998 and discusses recent developments in international grantmaking practices. Key factors driving this growth include the strong U.S. economy, the rise of major new international funders, and a willingness on the part of more grantmakers to fund internationally.

Presenting a detailed analysis of more than 9,200 international grants awarded in 1998, the study found that international giving by corporate foundations more than doubled that year, with dramatic increases occurring in funding for programs focused on Asia as well as in the areas of human rights, public affairs, and cultural programs.

For highlights of International Grantmaking II: An Update on U.S. Foundation Trends, see:

"New Study Reports $639 Million Jump in International Giving by U.S. Foundations" Foundation Center News Release 12/01/2000.