Irvine Foundation Announces New Arts Strategy

The San Francisco-based James Irvine Foundation has announced a new arts strategy designed to address major shifts in the field, particularly demographic and technological changes, and long-term challenges and opportunities for nonprofit arts organizations in California.

Under the new strategy, the foundation will work to boost participation among low-income and ethnically diverse populations that have traditionally been underserved by arts nonprofits; support programs that expand how Californians actively participate in the arts, including the use of digital technology to produce or curate art; and use diverse, non-traditional spaces, especially in regions with few arts-specific venues. Scheduled to take effect in 2012, the new strategy is designed to build on the foundation's existing program, which will continue to make grants through 2011.

To help promote the new strategy, the foundation has posted a new video and is soliciting feedback on its Web site and Facebook page. The foundation will continue to post information about the strategy online, including specific grantmaking areas, as it becomes available.

"New Arts Strategy Overview." James Irvine Foundation Web site 06/27/2011.