Irvine Foundation Awards $19 Million in Fourth-Quarter Grants

The San Francisco-based James Irvine Foundation has announced forty-five grants totaling $19 million to nonprofit organizations working to expand opportunity for the people of California.

Through its arts program, the foundation awarded more than $1.1 million over three years to the Center for Cultural Innovation in support of California artists and for strategic planning and new project incubation; $500,000 over two years to the Old Globe Theatre to engage San Diego's underserved communities in the creation of live theater; and $265,000 over three years to the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts for New Visions/New Vistas II, a statewide initiative designed to commission new symphonic works by emerging composers.

Through its California Democracy program, the foundation awarded $1.2 million over two years to the Pacific Institute for Community Organizations to involve residents of the state in policy decisions; $525,000 over three years to the Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment to facilitate greater participation in public decision-making among residents in three south Los Angeles communities; and $375,000 over three years to the Center for Community Advocacy to facilitate the participation of Monterey County farmworkers and other low-income residents in public decision-making.

Organizations receiving grants to expand the Linked Learning approach through the foundation's youth program include the Bay Area Video Coalition, Youth Radio, First Place for Youth, and the Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology.

The foundation also awarded $800,000 over three years to California State University, Fresno Foundation in support of its Pathways to Engineering and Construction Management Careers partnership; $600,000 over two years to the New Teacher Center to help improve classroom instruction and strengthen teacher leadership in Linked Learning pathways through professional development and coaching; and $400,000 over six months to the Los Angeles Small Schools Center to design a Linked Learning pathway implementation plan at two schools in Los Angeles Unified Local District 4.

In addition, the foundation awarded $2 million to the Nonprofit Finance Fund in support of California-based ArtPlace projects and $1 million to the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco for construction of a new facility.

For a complete list of grant recipients, visit the Irvine Foundation Web site.

"The James Irvine Foundation Announces $19 Million in New Grants." James Irvine Foundation Press Release 12/13/2011.