Irvine Foundation Awards $3 Million in First-Quarter Grants

The James Irvine Foundation has announced three grants totaling more than $3 million in support of efforts to expand arts engagement, increase voter and civic engagement, and boost the number of Linked Learning programs in the state.

The grants were awarded as part of Irvine's ongoing commitment to its current grantees and initiatives at a time when it is shifting more of its support to efforts aimed at expanding economic and political opportunity for California families and young adults who are working but struggling to escape poverty. Awards announced by the foundation included a grant of $1.97 million to the Socius Group to fund activities supported by the foundation's signature New California Arts Fund aimed at building a learning community around arts engagement, including twelve to fourteen learning sessions that will bring together sixteen participating organizations from around the state.

The foundation also awarded $600,000 through its Voter and Civic Engagement program to the Movement Strategy Center in support of that organization's efforts to increase voter turnout and civic participation among young, low-income adults in the state, and $500,000 to the Linked Learning Alliance as part of its efforts to boost the number of Linked Learning pathways serving high school students in the state.

"Irvine Board Approves More Than $3 Million in Grants on March 11, 2016." James Irvine Foundation Press Release 03/14/2016.