Irvine Foundation Awards $3.15 Million to Boost California Arts Scene

The San Francisco-based James Irvine Foundation has announced $3.15 million in grants to eight community foundations to support local arts efforts as the second phase of the foundation's Communities Advancing the Arts initiative, which is designed to foster grantmaking and individual donations to arts organizations in targeted communities.

The new grants are designed to help advance gains made in involving local arts donors since the initiative was launched. From 2004 to 2007, the foundation awarded $4.75 million to enable participating community foundations to mobilize $59 million in assets for the arts — a 48 percent increase in assets dedicated for that purpose — and helped create 181 new funds at participating community foundations.

Grantees include the Community Foundation Sonoma County ($500,000); the Orange County Community Foundation ($500,000); the Sacramento Region Community Foundation ($450,000); the San Diego Foundation ($450,000); the Ventura County Community Foundation ($450,000); and the Community Foundation for Monterey County ($400,000). The San Francisco Foundation and the East Bay Community Foundation will share a $400,000 grant.

"The Irvine Foundation is committed to supporting vibrant artistic and cultural communities throughout California," said Irvine Foundation president and CEO James Canales. "We are pleased that our support is enabling community foundations to foster sustainable funding streams for arts organizations in their communities."

"$3.15 Million in Grants to Eight Community Foundations Give Boost to California Arts Scene" James Irvine Foundation Press Release 03/06/2008.