Irvine Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $10.3 Million

Irvine Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $10.3 Million

The James Irvine Foundation has announced eighteen grants totaling $10.3 million in support of organizations working to increase opportunity for all Californians.

The December awards include a final grant of $1 million through the foundation's California Pay for Success Initiative to the Nonprofit Finance Fund; a three-year, $1 million grant to Community Partners for the implementation of statewide reforms to voter registration and voting processes; and $800,000 to the Advancement Project in support of the Census Policy Advocacy Network's efforts to ensure a fair and accurate federal census count in the state in 2020.

The foundation also awarded a grant of $600,000 over eighteen months to the National Day Laborer Organizing Network in support of its efforts to protect immigrant rights and bolster the civic engagement capacity of immigrant communities; four grants in support of immigration integration, including $600,000 over three years to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund for ongoing efforts to develop leadership among immigrant youth across California; and four grants in support of voter and civic engagement, including $500,000 over two years to the Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc. to increase voter and civic participation among the county's underrepresented Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, and low-income communities.

In addition, grants were awarded in the areas of Linked Learning and postsecondary success; to the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition; and in support of research on the attitudes, challenges, and needs of working but economically struggling Californians.

"Irvine Board of Directors Approves $10.3 Million in Grants on December 12, 2017." James Irvine Foundation Press Release 12/14/2017.