Irvine to Focus Efforts on Poverty, Political Participation

The James Irvine Foundation has announced that it will shift the focus of its grantmaking to the millions of Californians "who deserve greater opportunity to achieve economic success for their families and to meaningfully participate in an effective democracy."

In a blog post featured on the foundation's home page, Irvine president and CEO Don Howard said the foundation has been exploring how it could best build on its work to achieve more impact. During a lengthy evaluation of its existing programs, foundation leadership decided it was a propitious time "to build on what's working and find ways to do it even better." To that end, added Howard, the San Francisco-based foundation will focus on expanding economic and political opportunity for families and young adults who are working hard but continue to struggle with poverty.

Over the next few months, Irvine will seek input from grantees and others about what grantmaking strategies can best advance its new goals. In the meantime, Howard noted that the foundation remained "firmly committed to our current grants and initiatives, many of which are in the middle of multiyear plans driving toward specific impacts. We will see all of these current grants and initiatives through to their planned conclusions. And some will evolve to be part of our future work."

Don Howard. "Irvine’s Evolving Focus." Irvine Foundation Blog Post 01/26/2016.