Jewish Communal Fund Fundholders Awarded $456 Million in FY19 Grants

Jewish Communal Fund Fundholders Awarded $456 Million in FY19 Grants

The Jewish Communal Fund, a national donor-advised fund sponsor, has announced that its account holders recommended grants totaling $456 million to more than ninety-five hundred nonprofits in fiscal year 2019.

According to JCF's 2019 Giving Report, sixty-three thousand grants were awarded from more than four thousand accounts in FY19 — a year-over-year increase of 8 percent — or an average of sixteen grants per fund with a mean average grant amount of $7,228 and a median grant amount of $500. JCF funds collectively disbursed 23 percent of their charitable assets, with 36 percent of the fund's accounts distributing at least half their assets. In aggregate, JCF account holders made contributions totaling $746.8 million — a 65 percent increase over FY18 — 35 percent of which were in the form of cash grants, 36 percent in the form of publicly traded securities, and 29 percent in the form of complex assets.

The report also found that nearly 70 percent of all FY19 distributions, some forty-four thousand grants totaling almost $200 million, were directed to Jewish organizations. In terms of issue area, JCF account holders gave the most in support of education ($102.9 million), followed by community organizations and human services ($79.7 million), Israel/international ($65.7 million), religion ($43 million), arts and culture ($41.9 million), health ($38.9 million), Jewish education ($33.9 million), the UJA Federation ($21.6 million), the environment ($17.2 million), and Jewish culture ($10.9 million).

"The 2019 JCF Giving Report highlights the extraordinary generosity of our fundholders and their profound impact on strengthening the Jewish community and addressing broader societal needs," said JCF executive vice president and CEO Sue Dickman.

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