Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles Awards $1 Million in Grants for Programs in Israel

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles has announced grants totaling $1 million to five Israeli organizations working to advance the country's economic development and promote Jewish identity.

Grant recipients include Ayalim Association, which was awarded a three-year, $250,000 grant to develop workshops on Jewish identity and business entrepreneurship, particularly in the southern Negev region; New Spirit, which will receive $215,000 over three years to provide internships for university students in Jerusalem; the OR Movement, which will receive a three-year, $215,000 grant to support economic growth in the sparsely populated Negev and Galilee regions; Supportive Community/Shurush, which was awarded a $120,000 grant over three years to develop a joint Arab-Jewish business development program for women; and Beit Morasha, which will receive a two-year, $220,000 grant to train Israel Defense Force officers in techniques that will help them teach their soldiers about Jewish values and identity.

"The current group of Israel Grants targets initiatives which we believe will strengthen the underlying economic and religious-identity fabric of that vibrant country," said Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles president and CEO Marvin I. Schotland. "Israel's robust economy demands skilled human capital to sustain its fast-paced development, and we are delighted to support groundbreaking programs with the potential to drive continued growth and train the coming generation of business leaders. Moreover, while investing in Israel's economic vitality, The Foundation is also providing critical support to programs that heighten Jewish identity and engagement among diverse constituencies to help ensure a strong Jewish future."

"Jewish Community Foundation Awards $1 Million in Grants to Support Five Israel-Based Programs." Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles Press Release 12/05/2011.