Joyce Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $17.5 Million

Joyce Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $17.5 Million

The Chicago-based Joyce Foundation has announced grants totaling $17. 5 million in the areas of arts and culture, democracy, education, the environment, and gun violence prevention.

Through its Education and Economic Mobility program, the foundation awarded twenty-six grants totaling $6.4 million, including ten grants in support of policies to expand opportunities for African-American and Latinx students to earn a college degree. Recipients include the Partnership for College Completion, which was awarded $200,000 over two years to advocate for increased affordability and equity in Illinois higher education policy; Policy Matters Ohio, which will receive $200,000 over two years to promote policies designed to increase access to higher education and improve graduation rates for students of color and low-income students; and HCM Strategies, which was awarded $750,000 over three years to improve transfer rates from two- to four-year institutions in Minnesota as part of a broader national effort. In addition, three grants were awarded to student-led advocacy groups to help ensure that the next generation's voice is represented in conversations around higher education policy.

Through its Environment program, the foundation awarded eighteen grants totaling $4.7 million, including a $100,000 grant to Clean Fuels Ohio to engage regulators, policy makers, and community leaders in exploring how electric-vehicle technologies can meet the state's needs, and two-year grants of $300,000 to Faith in Place and $900,000 to the Natural Resources Defense Council to ensure full implementation of Illinois' Future Energy Jobs Act, including provisions on job training and job creation in the renewable-energy sector.

The foundation also awarded twelve grants totaling $2.8 million through its Gun Violence and Justice Reform program, fourteen grants totaling $2.1 million through its Democracy program, and twelve grants totaling $1.4 million through its Culture program.

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