Joyce Foundation to Sharpen Focus on Racial Equity, Economic Mobility

Joyce Foundation to Sharpen Focus on Racial Equity, Economic Mobility

The Chicago-based Joyce Foundation has announced that it will invest $150 million over the next three years in policies designed to prepare residents of the Great Lakes region to thrive educationally, in their careers, and in their communities.

As it celebrates its seventieth year of grantmaking in 2018, the foundation will sharpen its focus on racial equity and economic mobility as essential conditions for broad-based economic growth in the region, with grants awarded through five core programs: Education and Economic Mobility ($43 million), including efforts to boost economic mobility in the region through equitable access to high-quality education and jobs; Environment ($25.5 million), with a focus on long-term environmental challenges facing the region, including climate change and threats to the health of the Great Lakes as well as a new emphasis on access to safe, clean, affordable drinking water; Gun Violence Prevention and Justice Reform ($21.6 million), including efforts to promote safe and just communities through stronger policies aimed at reducing gun violence; Democracy ($14 million), with a focus on promoting an informed, engaged, and representative democracy serving the public interest; and Culture ($6.2 million), with a focus on strengthening the role of artists and arts organizations in fostering culturally vibrant, sustainable communities.

In addition, the foundation will allocate $6.2 million over three years in support of special opportunities, giving it a measure of flexibility in responding to important opportunities outside its core programs and to develop new ideas and promote innovation in how it and its grantees operate.

"The 2018-2020 grant portfolio deepens the Joyce Foundation's commitment to improve quality of life, promote safe and healthy communities, and build a just society in the Great Lakes region," said Joyce Foundation president Ellen Alberding. "In unifying our grant programs around policies that support young people and advance racial equity and economic mobility, we hope to achieve significant progress toward a more prosperous and equitable future for the region."

(Photo credit: Joyce Foundation)