Kaiser Permanente Gives $10.5 Million to Fund School-Based Health and Violence Prevention Programs

Kaiser Permanente has announced a three-year, $10.5 million grant to help Oakland school children stay healthier, improve their attendance rates and academic performance, and learn about international leaders who made a positive impact in their communities.

The grant, to be distributed through Kaiser Permanente's fund at the East Bay Community Foundation, includes $7.5 million to the Oakland Unified School District to support school-based health centers; the African-American Male Achievement Program, which will work to boost attendance, graduation, and literacy rates while reducing suspension and incarceration rates; and for the district's strategic planning efforts.

In addition, the Oakland Police Department will be awarded $1 million to expand its Our Kids (O.K.) Program, a community-based violence prevention and mentoring program for at-risk youth, while Remember Them: Champions for Humanity will receive $2 million for a project to build a monument to twenty-five international humanitarian leaders in a new sculpture park in downtown Oakland.

"We have high expectations for our students and our city, but in order to reach those goals, we must establish conditions that allow children to thrive both academically and socially," said OUSD superintendent Tony Smith. "Creating that environment will require support from every aspect of the Oakland community. So it's tremendously encouraging to see Kaiser Permanente extend its leadership position on this issue and model the type of public-private partnership needed to realize our vision for OUSD."