Kellogg Awards $3 Million to San Joaquin Valley Health Fund

The Center for Health Program Management at the Sierra Health Foundation has announced a three-year, $3 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund to advance racial equity and improve the health of children in the valley.

The grant will bolster the fund's grantmaking to accelerate systems change, catalyze community mobilization, and build the capacity of at least a hundred nonprofit partners advocating for better conditions for children and families across the valley. Established in 2014 with support from the Sierra Health Foundation and the California Endowment, the fund has evolved into a partnership of seven foundations. In addition to its founding partners, it receives support from the Rosenberg, California Wellness, Kellogg, Blue Shield of California, and the Wallace H. Coulter foundations.

"At the foundation, we believe that community mobilization and racial equity are critical to the success of all children and families," said Kellogg Foundation president and CEO La June Montgomery Tabron. "Mobilizing communities around solutions they create and working to remove barriers to opportunities can create the conditions for all children, the valley, and our nation to thrive."

"W.K. Kellogg Foundation Partnership Focuses on Racial Equity and Community Mobilization" Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management Press Release 07/13/2016.