Kessler Foundation Awards $2.7 Million for People with Disabilities

The Kessler Foundation in West Orange, New Jersey, has announced $2.7 million in grants to organizations across the United States working to advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Through its Signature Employment Grants program, the foundation awarded approximately $1.75 million to organizations in California, Connecticut, Maryland, and Tennessee, including $450,000 to expand an effort at PepsiCo in Connecticut. In addition, the foundation awarded a total of $712,155 in Community Employment Grants in support of job training, transportation, employment, accommodation, and placement services for people with disabilities; nine grants totaling $140,000 through its Special Initiative Grants program; and more than $156,030 in Hurricane Sandy grants to nonprofit organizations working to help individuals with disabilities affected by the 2012 storm.

"At Kessler Foundation, we focus our grant funding on long-term solutions that have the capability of hiring or placing large numbers of people with disabilities in to meaningful careers," said Elaine Katz, senior vice president of the foundation's Program Center. "It's equally important to prepare individuals for employment and give them the resources needed to get to work. Our grantees reflect public/private partnerships for hiring initiatives, job training, and placement and transportation solutions."

For a complete list of the foundation's 2013 grantees, visit the Kessler Foundation Web site.