Kohl's Awards $2 Million for Healthier Lifestyle Initiative

Kohl's Awards $2 Million for Healthier Lifestyle Initiative

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that children have healthy places in which to learn, live, and play, has announced a $2 million grant from Kohl's Corporation and its philanthropic arm, Kohl's Cares.

The grant will support the launch of Eating Healthy at Home, a new campaign and suite of resources, in English and Spanish, designed to help families and kids make healthier food choices at home and school. Through the campaign, new and updated resources on nutrition and social-emotional health, including seasonal recipes, shopping guides, and activities, will be made available to families across the country. 

Data show that youth with access to nutritious foods, regular physical activity opportunities, and supportive environments are more likely to see improved health and learning development. In 2019, Kohl's committed $2 million to Healthier Generation to launch Healthy at Home, which provides families with easy-to-use tools and resources that promote healthier lifestyles for children and youth. 

"On any given day, parents and caregivers are pressed for time, and resources are needed to make sure that family meals are healthy meals," said Alliance for a Healthier Generation CEO Kathy Higgins. "Our goal is to offer great resources and simple solutions for families to make mealtime more nutritious and less stressful."

(Photo credit: Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

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