Koret Foundation, Taube Philanthropies Award $3.6 Million for Huntington's Disease Research

The Koret Foundation has announced a joint $3.6 million grant with Taube Philanthropies to establish a center for Huntington's disease (HD) research at the Gladstone Center for Translational Research in Mission Bay, California.

The new Taube-Koret Center for Huntington's Disease Research will house a program designed to help prevent, treat, and cure HD by 2020. The program will build on previous research by the center's investigators that has led to the development of powerful assays for the identification of potential drug targets and a pipeline of molecular targets that could modulate HD progression.

Also called Huntington's chorea and Woody Guthrie's disease, HD is an inherited, degenerative brain disorder. More than 100,000 Americans — and more than one million worldwide — have HD or are at risk of inheriting the disease from a parent.

"We believe that the focus and evolving new technologies of the HD Cure 2020 program provide a real chance to close in on a cure," said Tad Taube, chairman of Taube Philanthropies and president of the Koret Foundation. "It is our hope that Gladstone's depth of understanding about how Huntington's progresses, combined with a well-defined and integrated therapeutic screening strategy, will enable real progress to be made toward treating or curing this devastating disease."