Kresge Announces Second Cohort of Emerging Leaders in Public Health

The Kresge Foundation in Troy, Michigan, has announced a second cohort of public health leaders for its Emerging Leaders in Public Health initiative.

ELPH, part of the foundation's Health Program strategy, provides opportunities to public health leaders at the county and local level to acquire and develop additional knowledge and skills that can help them tackle public health challenges in their communities. During the eighteen-month program, emerging public health leaders participate in an action-oriented program focused on the design and implementation of a transformative concept that shifts or expands the capacity of their local public health department. In addition, each leader’s team receives a grant of up to $125,000, as well as coaching and technical assistance, to convert his or her idea into action.

The larger aim of the initiative is to strengthen the capacity of local public health teams and their leaders, including the health director/officer and an emerging future leader. To that end, team members are asked to challenge each other while building their skills and competencies together, with the ultimate goal of applying their shared knowledge to transform how their agency functions in the community.

"At Kresge, we recognize the complexity of the health system and that all the disciplines within the system have the potential to play important roles in fostering community health. Public health agencies are an especially vital partner in creating healthier people and communities," said David Fukuzawa, managing director of the foundation's Health and Human Services programs. "The training these leaders receive will create more opportunities for their agencies to inspire their communities to think differently about population health."

For a list of the forty leaders selected to participate in this year’s program, see the Kresge Foundation website.