Kresge Selects Twelve Teams for Public Health Leadership Program

The Kresge Foundation has announced the selection of twelve teams of public health officers in eleven states to participate in an initiative designed to enhance their ability to lead in today's changing healthcare environment.

In July, the foundation invited state associations to nominate local public health leaders for its Emerging Leaders in Public Health initiative. As the Affordable Care Act and other reforms begin to shift the focus of health care in the United States from treating illness to maintaining one's health, the sixteen-month program is designed to help public health officers position their agencies to thrive.

Teams comprising public health officers serving cities or metropolitan areas with more than a hundred and twenty-five thousand residents as well as individuals identified as emerging leaders in those public health departments will receive up to $125,000 and technical assistance to implement a project in the communities they serve. The selected teams in this funding cycle serve communities in Arkansas, California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

"Our participants are leaders recognized for devising solutions to community problems and successful in promoting public health policy changes," said Phyllis Meadows, a senior fellow with Kresge's Health Program. "We're very pleased with the response."