LACMA Receives Gift of Gérard and Dora Cognié Ink Painting Collection

LACMA Receives Gift of Gérard and Dora Cognié Ink Painting Collection

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has announced a gift of global contemporary art from the collection of Gérard and Dora Cognié.

The most significant promised gift of contemporary Chinese art ever to LACMA includes more than four hundred works, the majority of them Chinese ink paintings. In addition to artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the collection includes works by leading artists from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, and the United States.

Highlights include Li Huasheng's 209 (2002), Li Huayi's Landscape (2009), Li Jin's Party in the Garden (2008), Lin Tianmiao's Seeing Shadow 5 #2 (2006), Qiu Zhijie's Monuments: Revolutionary Slogans of Successive Dynasties (2007), Shi Guorui's New Beijing (2007), Wang Dongling's The Heart Sutra (2016), Liu Guosong's Jiuzhaigu Series #48: Sea of Floating Ice (2004), Sugimoto Hiroshi's Lightning Fields 143 (2009), and Idris Khan's Numbers (2015).

Dora Cognié is a medical doctor specializing in dermatology; her husband, Gérard, was an industry executive involved in the field of imaging technology. In addition to their interest in visual arts, they established the Geneva-based Fondation Dora, which works to help children with special needs.

"This promised gift is a game-changer for LACMA," said Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director. "It would be impossible for any museum to amass a deep holding of contemporary ink paintings and photographs of this caliber. Thanks to Gérard and Dora's incredible generosity and their belief in the work we do, LACMA is now a leader in the field."

(Photo credit: Liu Dan, Untitled, 2012, LACMA)

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