Library of Biomedical Images and Animations Donated to UT Austin

Library of Biomedical Images and Animations Donated to UT Austin

The University of Texas at Austin has announced the donation of a comprehensive collection of biomedical and scientific images to its Cockrell School of Engineering.

The gift from medical animation pioneer Bruce Blausen includes more than twenty-eight thousand 3D animations and illustrations detailing everything from electromagnetic arrays to sarcomeric Z-lines within muscles. According to UT Austin, the largest visual collection of its kind is valued at $25 million and covers more than eighteen hundred topics related to health conditions, diseases and treatments, and human anatomy, from muscles and organs down to human mechanics at a cellular and molecular level. Free, unrestricted access to the Blausen Medical Library will help medical students better understand the complexities of human anatomy and assist mechanical engineering students in the development of rehabilitative technologies.

"It takes four weeks and $20,000 to complete just one minute of animation," said Blausen, founder and CEO of Blausen Medical Communications, Inc. "Thankfully, the human body doesn't change, so a majority of our content has a long lifespan. But animations of novel processes like drug delivery will need to continue evolving along with the emerging technologies they depict."

"Bruce Blausen's gift is extraordinary in many ways," said Sharon L. Wood, dean of the Cockrell School. "The library, which contains beautifully detailed images and videos, is unlike anything else in the world. Providing our community with unlimited access to these resources will enable new and innovative methods of teaching and learning in our classrooms."

(Photo credit: University of Texas at Austin/Blausen Medical Communications)

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