Luce Foundation Announces Grants to Commemorate Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

In celebration of its seventy-fifth anniversary, the Henry Luce Foundation has announced a special grantmaking initiative designed to foster innovation in its areas of interest.

The New York City-based foundation expects to award a total of $10 million over two years to advance its commitment to leadership and service, scholarship and communication, and international understanding. The initiative's first grant, $2.5 million, was awarded to Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs to enhance three of the institute's principal activities: increasing the number of senior fellows chosen each year; augmenting the institute's scholarship resources, particularly for incoming graduate students who have recently completed military or humanitarian service; and expanding undergraduate capstone projects. The grant includes $1 million for the first three years of work and $1.5 million to be treated as endowment for scholarships and faculty appointments beyond the initial period.

"A gift of this timing, flexibility, and magnitude is phenomenal," said James Levinsohn, director of the institute and the Charles W. Goodyear Professor in Global Affairs. "It comes just as several programs at Jackson are getting started, its configuration allows the institute to make the most of opportunities as they arise, and the magnitude affords us the chance to make some very significant investments in new programs and student recruitment."

"75th Anniversary Initiative." Henry Luce Foundation Press Release 11/10/2011.