Lumina Foundation Awards $2.5 Million for Adult Education Effort

Lumina Foundation Awards $2.5 Million for Adult Education Effort

The Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation has announced grants totaling more than $2.5 million in support of state-led education programs aimed at helping adults in six states earn a college degree, certificate, or other quality credential beyond a high school diploma.

In partnership with State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO), the foundation's Adult Promise program will provide multiyear grants to organizations in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio. Over the next two years, the states expect to reach at least two million adult students and award tens of thousands of new post-high school credentials. The grant recipients include the foundation for California Community Colleges, the official auxiliary to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office; the University of Hawaii System; the Idaho State Board of Education; the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education; a partnership between the University of North Carolina System and the North Carolina Community College System; and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

The states join the initial cohort of Adult Promise states — Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Washington — announced by Lumina a year ago. To date, the foundation has invested nearly $6.5 million in the Adult Promise effort.

"Serving many more adults with no prior higher-ed experience will be critical to achieving the nation's goal of 60 percent of working-age Americans having a degree or other high-quality credential by 2025," said Lumina Foundation senior vice president and chief strategy officer Danette Howard. "We are excited more states are investing in efforts to help adults finish their education."

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