Lumina Foundation Launches MoveED for Goal 2025

The Lumina Foundation has announced the launch of an online social network aimed at boosting educational attainment beyond high school, especially among low-income and first-generation students, students of color, and adult learners.

Initially, the MoveED for Goal 2025 platform will use data visualization techniques to map and network all organizations working to achieve Goal 2025, Lumina's initiative to increase the share of Americans with high-quality postsecondary degrees, certificates, and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Among other things, the platform enables organizations to showcase their work, connect with thought leaders, and access tools and resources designed to help improve their outcomes.

Partners in the effort include America's Promise Alliance, the Michigan College Access Network, the Southern California College Access Network, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, Student African American Brotherhood, and Welcome to College.

"Attainment beyond high school is trending in the right direction across much of America, but we continue to lag far behind where we need to be, and that's especially true when it comes to underserved populations," said Lumina Foundation president and CEO Jamie P. Merisotis. "A variety of groups are working to address this issue, but no one has attempted to network everyone until now. MoveED for Goal 2025 intends to harness the drive that resides in every attainment organization, so that we can work more efficiently as one team in creating a force for change that makes Goal 2025 a reality for the country."

"Lumina Foundation Launches MoveED for Goal 2025." Lumina Foundation Press Release 04/25/2014.