Lumina Foundation Renews Commitment to Achieving the Dream

Lumina Foundation Renews Commitment to Achieving the Dream

The Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation for Education has announced an additional $18 million in funding over five years for Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count, a multiyear initiative aimed at improving student success at the nation's community colleges.

The commitment increases Lumina's funding of the initiative to nearly $74 million and extends the foundation's support through 2012. The money will not be used to fund the participation of new colleges, however; instead, the funds will be used to help Lumina and its partners work toward four goals: creating and implementing a plan that will ensure the long-term future of the initiative; evaluating the effectiveness of the initiative and gleaning lessons about what works best to increase student success; developing tools and processes that can assist colleges in adopting best practices on their own campuses; and communicating about the initiative to effect changes in public policy that support student success.

The other foundations supporting the initiative are College Spark Washington in Seattle, the Pittsburgh-based Heinz Endowments, the Houston Endowment, the Cincinnati-based KnowledgeWorks Foundation, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation in Quincy, Massachusetts.

"We're very proud of what our partners and the colleges in Achieving the Dream have already accomplished," said Lumina president and CEO Martha D. Lamkin. "There's real momentum here. We feel this new appropriation will help us capture that momentum and create the kind of self-sustaining movement we always envisioned for Achieving the Dream."

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