MacArthur Awards $19 Million to Bolster Local Climate Change Solutions

MacArthur Awards $19 Million to Bolster Local Climate Change Solutions

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced $19 million in grants to civil society, government, and private sector groups working to enhance the social, economic, and health benefits provided by cleaner, cheaper energy.

Building on the foundation’s efforts to address the consequential effects of climate change, the grants will support collaborations between nonprofit and research groups working with state policy makers and business leaders on low-carbon energy projects and policies. The recipients include D.C.-based Earthworks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development, which was awarded $3 million to help communities in oil and gas country use optical gas imaging cameras to document methane pollution; U.S. Climate Action Network, which will receive $1 million in support of its efforts to foster greater issue alignment among its diverse membership; and the Climate Policy Initiative, which was awarded $4.5 million for its work as program manager for the India Clean Energy Finance Initiative, an effort to boost clean energy development and access in India.

With the announcement of the grants, the foundation has committed more than $120 million since 2015 to its big bet on climate solutions.

"Progress on climate and clean energy solutions at the state and local level, and we are seeing growing bipartisan support," said Jorgen Thomsen, climate solutions director at the MacArthur Foundation. "There is also increasing private-sector leadership making the business case for the transition to a low-carbon, clean-energy future. While the progress is encouraging, we also want to help foster an informed, inclusive dialogue about the changing role of energy in the economy and in our communities."

For more information about the foundation’s latest Climate Solutions grants, see the MacArthur Foundation website.

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