MacArthur Foundation Announces $50 Million in Climate Change Grants

MacArthur Foundation Announces $50 Million in Climate Change Grants

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced grants totaling $50 million to build and sustain U.S. leadership in the effort to address global climate change.

As part of a new commitment to climate solutions — one of the "big bets" the foundation announced last week as part of a revamped grantmaking strategy — grants were awarded in support of efforts to continue and accelerate reductions in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, increase and sustain political consensus for climate action, and provide incentives to encourage de-carbonization of the U.S. economy. Recipients include the Environmental Defense Fund and Nature Conservancy, which were awarded a total of $20 million in support of their efforts to engage wide-ranging constituencies and form coalitions to advance climate policy in the U.S.; and the Sierra Club, which was awarded $15 million for its Beyond Coal campaign.

In addition, the foundation awarded grants of $3 million each to the ClimateWorks Foundation, the Energy Foundation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council; $1.5 million to the Environmental Law & Policy Center; $3 million to ecoAmerica in support of its MomentUs campaign; and $340,000 to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Earlier this year, MacArthur also committed $31 million in impact investments to advance energy-efficiency financing for multifamily housing and partnered with other foundations to provide up to $30 million to boost the Sierra Club's capacity to accelerate the nation’s transition toward clean energy sources.

"The United States needs to lead by example to be a credible partner with other nations in addressing climate change," said Jorgen Thomsen, director of MacArthur’s Conservation and Sustainable Development program. "As the most significant historic producer of greenhouse gasses, the United States has a particular responsibility to lead the effort toward a global low-carbon economy."

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