Marin Community Foundation Launches $10 Million Climate Change Initiative

Marin Community Foundation Launches $10 Million Climate Change Initiative

The Marin Community Foundation has announced a five-year, $10 million initiative designed to increase citizens' awareness of and response to climate change.

In collaboration with scientists, local ranchers, county agencies, nonprofits, and others, the Marin Carbon Project will explore ways to increase the natural ability of the rangelands of West Marin to absorb carbon dioxide through the process of carbon sequestration; increase energy and water efficiency via a public awareness campaign; and reduce vehicular traffic, the largest source of carbon emissions in the county. In all, the initiative, which so far has received $240,000 from MCF, aims to reduce carbon emissions by more than two million metric tons — the equivalent of taking some 326,000 cars off the road.

The Marin Carbon Project is one of four initiatives MCF is implementing under its new strategic plan. The other efforts focus on closing the educational achievement gap, ending the cycle of poverty for low-income families, and developing more affordable housing.

"We want Marin to do more than just play its part," said MCF president Thomas Peters. "We want to spur Marin residents to set the standard for how an entire community rallies around a global issue. In doing so, we'll be building on decades of world-renowned environmental stewardship in the county."

"Marin Community Foundation Unveils Five-Year, $10 Million Initiative to Spur Local Efforts Addressing Climate Change" Marin Community Foundation Press Release 10/28/2009.