Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Awards $6.6 Million

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, has announced more than $6.6 million in scholarships to more than two thousand Marine and Navy children.

The total awarded represents an 11 percent increase over last year and is a record for the foundation. Funded by thousands of individuals and corporations across the country, the program honors the service of Marines by educating the children, with particular attention paid to children who have had a parent killed or wounded in combat as well as those with demonstrated financial need. More than 50 percent of scholarship recipients are first-generation college students, and 45 percent pursue a degree in a STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) field.

"We help educate the next generation of leaders, fulfilling a critical need for America," said Margaret B. Davis, president and CEO of the foundation. "With these scholarships, our donors are honoring the sacrifices of our nation's Marines as well as securing a strong future for our country. We are particularly proud of our more than one hundred and thirty students in the greater Camp Lejeune area, all children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen."