Markle Foundation Awards Grant to PBS to Develop Children's Media Strategy

The New York City-based Markle Foundation has announced a $250,000 matching grant to the Public Broadcasting Service to support the development of a long-term multi-media strategy for children and families that will drive the development of children's media for future generations.

The initiative is part of the foundation's Interactive Media for Children program, which is focused on researching the impact of interactive media on children and translating the findings into the development and production of interactive children's products.

"To secure PBS's position as the leading source for children's media in the digital age, we must refine our creative philosophy and business model," commented PBS president and CEO Pat Mitchell. "The Markle Foundation grant provides a valuable partnership to help grow a unified strategy for strengthening our non-commercial service to a broad and diverse audience of children and families."

The PBS/Markle project will accelerate the strategic planning process by taking advantage of PBS's unique strengths as a public broadcaster and educational leader and Markle's understanding of children's media research and strategic planning.

In a series of workshops to be held this summer, PBS and Markle will invite experts from multiple disciplines to review the skills, capabilities, and motivations of those in the public broadcasting community — from national producers to local station personnel — in order to formulate new content ideas and a new business plan for the system.

"PBS Awarded Markle Foundation Grant to Develop Digital Strategy for Kids and Families" Markle Foundation Press Release 04/10/2001.