Mayo Clinic Awarded $5 Million for Center for Women's Health

Mayo Clinic Awarded $5 Million for Center for Women's Health

The Minneapolis-based George Family Foundation has announced gifts totaling $5 million to the Mayo Clinic in support of personalized, integrative, holistic health care for women.

The gifts from Penny and Bill George and the foundation will create the Center for Women's Health and support efforts to provide care tailored to women's needs at every stage of their lives, based on their genetic traits, lifestyle, and personal preferences. The center also will work with other divisions and departments at Mayo to incorporate integrative health and lifestyle services into their models of care and explore new ways of integrating sex and gender concepts into education and research models.

"Our gift represents a significant investment in shifting the ways women interact with health care at Mayo Clinic, one of the premier healthcare institutions in the U.S.," said Penny George. "Mayo Clinic has long been known for its executive health program. This program will mirror the success of that approach but take it a step further. The focus will be not only on women, but also on integrative health and healing practices that will go hand in hand with traditional medicine — an approach we've been advancing through our work over the past two decades."

"This transformative philanthropic gift from Bill and Penny George, and the George Family Foundation, will personalize the healthcare experience of women," said Stephanie Faubion, the Bill and Penny George Director of the Center for Women's Health. "The Center for Women's Health will lead by example to set a new national standard for women's health care, providing personalized care that considers women as partners in their health care. The center's goal is to become a destination for women's health care where patients are not only treated for a specific condition, but also empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to improve their overall health and wellness: mind, body, and spirit."

(Photo credit: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

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