McCormick Tribune Foundation Awards Grants of $4.9 Million to 23 Social Service Agencies

McCormick Tribune Foundation Awards Grants of $4.9 Million to 23 Social Service Agencies

The Chicago-based Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation and the Tribune Company have announced a second round of grants from the $20 million McCormick Tribune Disaster Relief Fund.

The Fund, which was established after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, awarded grants totaling $4.9 million to 23 social services agencies, including grants of $500,000 to the Asian American Federation of New York, Inc. for community relief and revitalization initiatives; the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service for disaster relief centers; the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Inc. for coordination and distribution of donated food and supplies to disaster relief agencies; and Federation Employment and Guidance Services for employment assistance and services to victims.

The Fund announced a first round of grants totaling $3.8 million in early October. To date, the Fund has disbursed a total of $8.7 million out of the roughly $17.7 million it raised through individual contributions, local fundraising efforts, and a $2.5 million matching grant from the Tribune Foundation. A third round of grants will be announced at the end of November.

"[The Tribune Foundation] is absorbing all administrative costs of the campaign," said foundation president John Madigan, who is also chairman and CEO of the Tribune Company. "This means that 100 percent of every donation will be used on behalf of the victims and their families."

A list of grants awarded by the Fund is posted at the Tribune Foundation Web site:

"McCormick Tribune Disaster Relief Fund Raises More Than $20 Million" McCormick Tribune Foundation Press Release 11/12/2001.