McKnight Foundation Announces New Strategic Framework

McKnight Foundation Announces New Strategic Framework

The McKnight Foundation, a family foundation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has unveiled a new strategic framework.

Approved by the foundation's board in November, Strategic Framework 2019-2021 (4 pages, PDF) reflects the foundation's "sense of urgency given the societal and planetary challenges of our day" and includes an updated mission statement — "[to advance] a more just, creative, and abundant future where people and planet thrive." The new framework also includes a restatement of the organization's values — stewardship, equity, respect, and curiosity — and outlines the core elements of its philanthropic approach, which includes adaptive action, strategic systems orientation, innovation, and a focus on racial equity. 

In an open letter to the community, McKnight Foundation president Kate Wolford and board chair Debby Landesman write that using adaptive action, the foundation's board and staff will begin to explore how they can respond to today's urgent needs. "We will assess where we are now, how we can do better, and where we are challenging ourselves to go," they write. "We will build on the strengths of our current work while looking for ways to be more effective and to ensure that our systems and practices are fit to function. In the months ahead, we will share additional thoughts about the implications of the new framework, including if and how our strategies will evolve.

"We believe this is a time that calls for institutions to be bold and to bring an abundance mindset that expands our imagination of what is possible," Wolford and Landesmann add. "This new strategic framework will help us do both."

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