Meals on Wheels Association of America Launches Campaign to End Senior Hunger

The Meals on Wheels Association of America has launched a campaign to raise awareness of and end senior hunger in America.

Funded by the Walmart Foundation, which in 2010 made a $2 billion commitment to fight hunger in the United States, the We Are Meals on Wheels campaign aims to attract new donors and volunteers to the issue of senior hunger, with the goal of ensuring that local Meals on Wheels programs have the resources and capacity to deliver meals to every senior in need. To that end, the grant from the Walmart Foundation is supporting development of an animated video that showcases the scope and strength of the organization's volunteer network, while encouraging others to help end senior hunger by 2020. In addition, the grant will enable MOWAA to provide social media training and campaign materials to local programs and highlight and support outstanding local efforts.

"The seniors in our country that face the threat of hunger are the people who raised us, fought our wars, and it is a travesty to think that in this, the richest nation on Earth, these are the very same people who go to bed hungry night after night. It has to stop," said MOWAA president and CEO Enid Borden. "I mean it when I say that I want to put myself out of business by ending senior hunger in America. That is why we are asking everyone to join us. Be a part of the solution and help us end senior hunger by the year 2020."

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