Mellon Foundation Announces 2003 Distinguished Achievement Awards

The New York City-based Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2003 Distinguished Achievement Awards.

The awards, which honor scholars who have made significant contributions to the humanities and, at the same time, enlarge opportunities for scholarship offered by the institutions with which the recipients are affiliated, provide each recipient's institution with up to $1.5 million over three years to support specific institutional programs that enhance both research and teaching. This year's recipients include Roger S. Bagnall, Professor of Classics and History at Columbia University; Robert B. Brandom, Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh; Anthony Grafton, Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University; and Christopher Ricks, Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University.

"The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has, from its inception, been dedicated to enabling first rate scholars and institutions to cultivate and to advance humanistic learning and understanding," said foundation president William G. Bowen. "These awards are made in recognition of individuals who have excelled in that mission and whose work and influence continue to enrich the broader community of humanistic studies."

"Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients Named." Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Press Release 12/15/2003.