Microsoft Announces $16.7 Million in Grants and Software Donations

Microsoft Corporation has announced $16.7 million in grants and in-kind software donations to sixty-six nonprofits in and around Silicon Valley.

Awarded through the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship initiative, the grants will provide support to nonprofits working to foster local innovation and create educational, economic, and employment opportunities. Although Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the company has a sizeable presence in Silicon Valley, where it ranks as one of the largest corporate donors and encourages employees to volunteer with local community organizations.

"While there is no shortage of Silicon Valley nonprofits that inspire us with their dedication to community, these sixty-six organizations are especially deserving of respect and support," said Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus citizenship director Sid Espinosa. "It has been particularly rewarding to work with these nonprofits, as the majority of them work to uplift the valley through educational services. From fundamental academic and life skills resources to advanced technology and job skills training, these organizations help local children and adults reach their full potential. We are thrilled to offer resources that, in turn, help these nonprofits maximize their capabilities."

"Microsoft Empowers Silicon Valley Non-Profits with $16.7 Million in Cash, Software." Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Press Release 10/11/2011.