Microsoft Employees Contribute $125 Million in Charitable Campaigns

Software giant Microsoft has announced that its employee giving program raised a record $125 million in 2015 in support of nonprofits and schools around the world.

The funds, which included a company match of employee contributions, were awarded to more than eighteen thousand organizations working on a broad spectrum of local and global issues, including humanitarian relief, health, human services and housing, education, arts and culture, agriculture, nutrition, and the environment. A significant portion of the giving stayed close to home, as more than forty-two thousand Microsoft employees contributed $62 million to over four thousand nonprofits in Washington state. During 2015, the participation rate of the employee giving program reached 71 percent, also a record for the company, while employees contributed more than five hundred and seventy thousand volunteer hours.

"As we look forward, our communities and world continue to face many challenges," said Mary Snapp, corporate vice president and head of Microsoft Philanthropies, in a blog post. "I know our employees are thinking of how they can help empower nonprofits through their donations of money, time, and talent in the year ahead. We're already working on new ways to grow Microsoft's culture of giving and investing in strategic partnerships to help deliver the benefits of technology to everyone."