Milwaukee Public Museum Receives $1 Million From Northwestern Mutual Foundation

The Milwaukee Public Museum has announced a five-year, $1 million grant from the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, the largest corporate giver in Wisconsin.

A significant portion of the grant will be used to help fund the Mummies of the World exhibition, which opens December 17. The largest exhibition of its kind features a collection of real human and animal mummies, as well as objects from South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Egypt. In addition, the grant will provide support for other programs and projects.

The Milwaukee Public Museum is the second museum to host Mummies of the World, which premiered in Los Angeles in July at the California Science Center. After Milwaukee, the exhibition will travel to the East Coast.

"The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is proud to partner with the museum in bringing world class exhibits to Milwaukee," said NMF president Kimberley Goode. "Attractions like the Milwaukee Public Museum provide residents and visitors exposure to exhibits that enhance learning, while helping Milwaukee-area businesses recruit and retain talented employees looking for a great place to live."

"Milwaukee Public Museum $1 Million Grant From the Northwestern Mutual Foundation." Milwaukee Public Museum Press Release 12/01/2010.