Moore Foundation Commits $85 Million to Improve Diagnostic Performance

Moore Foundation Commits $85 Million to Improve Diagnostic Performance

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced the launch of a six-year, $85 million initiative to improve diagnostic performance.

The second initiative of the foundation's Patient Care Program, the Diagnostic Excellence Initiative will work to reduce harm from erroneous or delayed diagnoses, reduce costs and redundancy in the diagnostic process, and save lives. To that end, the initiative initially will focus on strengthening accountability in U.S. healthcare systems by supporting the development and validation of new measures needed to measure diagnostic performance in real time. 

According to the foundation, diagnostic errors are the most common cause of medical error reported by patients, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all errors and an estimated forty thousand to eighty thousand deaths a year, with a disproportionate share of those errors falling into three clinical categories — cardiovascular events, infections, and cancers. The initiative will concentrate on those areas, while the foundation will explore additional opportunities to build the capacity of the field and assess the potential of new technologies to improve diagnostic performance. 

"We believe this investment in diagnostic excellence is timely," said Daniel Yang, program fellow of the Moore Foundation's Patient Care Program. "A burgeoning community has attracted new interest in the field; new technologies and artificial intelligence are poised to improve and transform the diagnostic process in important ways; and continuing concern around healthcare costs are encouraging healthcare systems to intensify their focus on value and efficiency in both treatment and diagnosis." 

"The Moore Foundation Invests $85 Million to Improve Diagnostic Performance." Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Press Release 11/01/2018.