Moore Foundation Commits $95 Million to Quantum Materials Research

Moore Foundation Commits $95 Million to Quantum Materials Research

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced an additional commitment of $95 million over six years in support of discovery-driven research in the rapidly growing field of quantum materials.

Exotic properties of quantum materials range from transport of electrical current without resistance to the creation of emergent particles with properties different from any known elementary particle. In 2013, the foundation committed $90 million over five years to launch the Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Initiative (EPiQS).

In its new phase, the initiative will continue to support research, people, and community-building efforts, with the goal of maximizing the potential of top experimentalists and theorists to make breakthrough discoveries; accelerate the synthesis and discovery of quantum materials and improve career paths for materials synthesis scientists; enhance experimental capabilities at leading research institutions and strengthen the response to new developments in the field; and create and sustain a collaborative research community that promotes the exchange of materials and knowledge.

"By funding basic research in quantum materials, we enable researchers in this field to interrogate materials in superior new ways and ask deeper questions about organizing principles of complex quantum systems," said EPiQS program director Dušan Pejaković. "While we focus on fundamental aspects of these fascinating materials, we believe that some of them will find applications in technologies that improve human life or change the way science is done."

(Image credit: Maria Chan, Argonne National Laboratory)

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